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Sentiment Analysis

Kapisoft Sentiment Analysis or emotion AI determines whether a piece of communication within an organization is positive, negative or neutral. We can process large amounts of structured and unstructured communication data within an organization as well as between various organization. Based on the content of communication Kapisoft Sentiment Analysis platform can generate output for senior management. Assuming a senior member of the company has decided to move on to a different organization, based on her communication style, use of certain words in her emails, Kapisoft technology can provide insights on her intentions to leave the company. Our technology can parse data from emails, messaging and other forms of corporate communication tools.

NoSQL Approach

KapiSoft platform is built on NoSQL database. Perfect for any organization that requires is a very agile delivery system that is easily able to processes unstructured data. A traditional database product would prefer more predictable, structured data. Our NoSQL approach offers a crowd-friendly solution. KapiSoft NoSQL database supports enterprise search & analytics, policy management, sentiment analysis and graph databases. We are directly built on top of Lucene and we can process trillions of database rows.

Policy Management

Kapisoft's policy management system is highly effective in mitigating risk in multiple ways. First, it makes policies more quickly accessible to direct staff, guiding smart decisions. Second, it can protect an organization from litigation by staying up to date on accreditation standards and creating an audit trail in the case of legal action. A well-managed and maintained policy system directly supports governance, risk, and compliance. It helps define, articulate, and communicate boundaries and expectations, while guiding desired conduct and establishing a culture of compliance within the organization. Inefficient management of policies is time consuming and expensive. Kapisoft solution takes care of that for any sized organization by making it efficient.

KapiSoft Inc. is the pioneer enterprise search & analytics platform. We offer turnkey enterprise database solutions for mid to large sized corporations. We are different from Elastic Search and Solr. We are directly built on top of Lucene. We can process extremely large amounts of structured and unstructured data and we can scale to trillions of rows of unstructured data. We adopt a NoSQL approach to Kapisoft enterprise search platform. Our platform offers enterprise search, graphs & analytics for businesses, policy management and sentiment analysis for enterprise executives decision making.

Social Graphs for Businesses

KapiSoft platform can build office relationship graphs and models from the unstructured data to predict how account relationships happen between people and enterprises. All businesses operate within their own networks or ecosystem of vendors, partners, clients, competitors, and other entities. If you are a business that would like to see that kind of social graph of the interactions among enterprises and not just individuals – perhaps because you sell to business customers, or perhaps because of your need to deal with suppliers, you can map those interactions using Kapisoft.