In the current technology marketplace, Machine intelligence technology (better known as artificial intelligence or machine learning) is affecting everything including enterprise intelligence, enterprise functions, autonomous systems, agents and various industry verticals including technology, healthcare and education. There is $5 billion in venture investment and a few big acquisitions. The impact of machine intelligence is already here and this new technology is bound to change everything within the next decade. Machine learning is likely going to play a huge role in evolution of self-driving cars.

Although still in its early stages of development, machine intelligence is starting to offer companies the full set of building blocks to begin embedding machine intelligence in their businesses. Every employee can use machine intelligence tools to become more productive. Companies that get started immediately with machine intelligence would enjoy lasting advantage as with any self-learning software. Artificial intelligence is already being used in many of the consumer tech products including Uber, Tesla, Facebook and Amazon Alexa. Internet companies have employed machine learning to analyze and learn people’s web behavior and serve them products and content that they are most likely to enjoy.

Next stage of machine intelligence will be employed in self driving cars, airport automation, healthcare automation and similar such technology where it’s mission critical to get the technology right or the consequences can be drastic. That is where Kapisoft’s proprietary MI17 technology comes in. Being one of the industry pioneers in machine learning artificial intelligence solutions, Kapisoft is currently developing software that will be heavily utilized in self-driving cars. Tesla is the current leader in automotive technology; other players are bound to catch up. MI17 machine intelligence has huge potential in this ever-growing global automotive industry. As mega-cities rise around the world, automation will play a huge part in airport infrastructure development. It would be impossible to achieve solutions without utilizing some kind of artificial intelligence.

Kapisoft is currently seeking investment and partnerships to develop its machine intelligence technology MI17.

Self-driving Cars
The Future of self-driving cars would depend on machine intelligence technology. Every aspect of car maintenance and driving will be automated. Machine intelligence technology will be crucial for driverless cars to match & exceed the vehicle safety and performance of the driver operated cars. Safe car driving depends on hundreds if not thousands of factors. Lights, stop signs, weather, pedestrians, other vehicles, school zone, speed limits, day/night time to name a few. Any driverless car will need to have an extremely robust technology software behind it, that is capable of learning and adapting to its environment. MI17 will be crucial to self driving cars and other such technological innovations of the future.



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