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Office Graph

KapiSoft platform can build office relationship graphs and models from the unstructured data to predict how account relationships happen between people. Relationship timeline between two or more employees or employee and client can be generated as well. Our visual salesforce like interface would allow senior management to see the history of a client account and all the employees that are related to the account. If the account lead leaves company, our predictive models can provide guidance on the right person to restart conversation with the client.

​Our data search functionality enables you to find the right team for a certain industry vertical.

Database Search

KapiSoft platform can analyze large amounts of unstructured or structured datasets and provide actionable insights for the senior management. Charts and insights can be generated based on employee - employee interactions, employee - client interactions, number of emails sent on a certain topic, frequency of emails between two employees or between a client and an employee.

We can make enterprise email and messaging data available for Search and Analytics. Additional applications are layered on top of the KapiSoft analytics platform which provide executives and senior management action oriented dashboard and tools. 



KapiSoft Inc. is the pioneer corporate analytics platform. We offer turnkey enterprise solutions for mid to large sized corporations. Our analytics platform is built on the belief that there is a wealth of unstructured information gathered inside enterprise email and messaging archives. If it can be processed and structured and used intelligently this information can guide senior management in making smart strategic decisions. We offer employee email search functionality, workplace analytics, corporate metrics as well as relationship graphs. Our interactive charts provide visual salesforce like functionality so everyone is on the same page from the beginning of timeline.